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Today, fans swarmmed the Times Square MAC store to get a glimpse of Nicki Minaj, while she talked about and promoted her new lipstick, Pink Friday.

And we are lucky that Temptalia, has already posted the swatches here  here!

So what do you think? It is definitely a blue based pink. It looks pretty in the tube, and when you compare it to other pinks, it just doesn’t stand out. I think it will look a little too pale on me. I don’t like it as much as my favorite pink, Sweetie. So far, nothing compares to that one. ūüôā But I’m sure all the Barbie Fanz will snatch this one up. Nicki states, that this will replace her favorite MAC lipstick, Pink Nouveau. I wonder if it will be a favorite for all of us.

This will be available online only, and only on November 26, December 3, December 10, and December 17. Get it? The next 4 Fridays? LOL


I’m sure you all have heard that Nicki Minaj is teaming up with MAC to create her own LIMITED EDITION lipstick, called Pink Friday, to coincide with her album release.¬†¬†It is a cotton candy pink shade, that she had a hand in developing. Sounds interesting. Stay tuned….

MAC and Wonder Woman

It has been confirmed, MAC will be creating a Wonder Woman Collection.

GIRL POWER: MAC Cosmetics said Wednesday that the company is partnering with DC Comics’ Wonder Woman to create a limited edition color cosmetics collection featuring the illustrated superhero. Set for a spring 2011 launch at all MAC locations worldwide, the lineup is expected to include lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and nail polish ranging in price from $13 to $49.50. (No word on whether metal-deflecting bracelets are part of the collection.)


I’m so excited what little girl did NOT like Wonder Woman growing up? I had the underoos, and the skates.
I hope this collection will include some new red lipsticks and glosses. Oh and those bracelets would be nice too!

Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

I created this blog¬†as an outlet for me to talk about hair, makeup, and skincare¬†products that I try, and especially those that I love. ¬† I’m also an eyeshadow newbie, so this blog will be the place¬†where I practice¬†different looks and techniques, or send out cries for help!! ¬†I’ve always said that I was a sucker for a pretty package and a marketer’s dream,¬†thus, the name of the blog.

So a little more about me.¬† I’ve always been into makeup and found out about MAC in¬†’94.¬† I was even able to have my¬†makeup done for Prom.¬† On the day of Prom, I begged my mom to drive me downtown Chicago to the Henri Bendel MAC counter,¬† so the same¬†MA that I met at Nordstrom could do my makeup.¬†¬† That day I made my first MAC purchase; Sheer Plum lipstick and¬†Plum liner.¬† (That was¬†when MAC had their old lipstick tubes.¬†¬†You know, the cylindrical ones with the flat top and bottom).¬† For some reason I only developed a love for lipstick and glosses.¬† I was so obsessed that I could tell what color someone was wearing and if I didn’t know it, I¬†could duplicate¬†it with¬† MAC or Bobbi Brown.¬† Three years after I discovered MAC, I fell in love with Bobbi Brown.¬† I even have old BB¬†eyeshadows that are round, with screw on tops.¬† ¬†Eyeshadow was always difficult for me to master,¬† and I gave up on it,¬† until now.

I also developed an obsession, uh, love for natural hair, and went natural in ’98.¬† I was engrossed in hair Message Boards like Naturallycurly.com, blackhaircare.com (now defunct), nappturality.com, longhaircare.com, and many others.¬† I tried vitamins, and every commercially available product that¬†I could get my hands on, and even made my own hair products.¬† But eventually just stopped going to the boards and would use whatever product was around.

I learned a lot, but now that I’m coming back, I see there is more to learn.¬† So I’m restarting my hair journey.¬†¬†A lot has changed.¬† For instance, we didn’t have blogs/vlogs to chart our progress.¬† Just good ‘ol Fotki accounts to upload our pictures.¬† I think I still have one; I just forgot my password.¬† ūüôā

I have had so much fun watching and reading the blogs/vlogs that I wanted to create my own and become part of the beauty community.¬† I don’t claim to be an expert, and I’m still learning and developing my techniques.¬† I’m having fun doing it, and have a lot to offer.¬† So sit back and join me!¬† This should be fun.