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Today I got a call from my favorite Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, Jamie, and she was excited to tell me about their new lipstick formulas that will be launching this month.  So, I had to come and tell you guys about it.   There will be 12 new shades that featuers a  new gel based formula.  They will retail for $22.  Hopefully I’ll have some swatches for you next weekend.

Bright, get-noticed color. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi’s latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it’s creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look.

The new shades are:
 Bikini Pink
 Soft Coral
 Bare Pink
 Heather Pink
 Mod Pink
 Plum Rose
 Rose Blossom
 Guava
 Sweet Nectar
 Cosmic Raspberry
 Old Hollywood
 Crimson



Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

I created this blog as an outlet for me to talk about hair, makeup, and skincare products that I try, and especially those that I love.   I’m also an eyeshadow newbie, so this blog will be the place where I practice different looks and techniques, or send out cries for help!!  I’ve always said that I was a sucker for a pretty package and a marketer’s dream, thus, the name of the blog.

So a little more about me.  I’ve always been into makeup and found out about MAC in ’94.  I was even able to have my makeup done for Prom.  On the day of Prom, I begged my mom to drive me downtown Chicago to the Henri Bendel MAC counter,  so the same MA that I met at Nordstrom could do my makeup.   That day I made my first MAC purchase; Sheer Plum lipstick and Plum liner.  (That was when MAC had their old lipstick tubes.  You know, the cylindrical ones with the flat top and bottom).  For some reason I only developed a love for lipstick and glosses.  I was so obsessed that I could tell what color someone was wearing and if I didn’t know it, I could duplicate it with  MAC or Bobbi Brown.  Three years after I discovered MAC, I fell in love with Bobbi Brown.  I even have old BB eyeshadows that are round, with screw on tops.   Eyeshadow was always difficult for me to master,  and I gave up on it,  until now.

I also developed an obsession, uh, love for natural hair, and went natural in ’98.  I was engrossed in hair Message Boards like Naturallycurly.com, blackhaircare.com (now defunct), nappturality.com, longhaircare.com, and many others.  I tried vitamins, and every commercially available product that I could get my hands on, and even made my own hair products.  But eventually just stopped going to the boards and would use whatever product was around.

I learned a lot, but now that I’m coming back, I see there is more to learn.  So I’m restarting my hair journey.  A lot has changed.  For instance, we didn’t have blogs/vlogs to chart our progress.  Just good ‘ol Fotki accounts to upload our pictures.  I think I still have one; I just forgot my password.  🙂

I have had so much fun watching and reading the blogs/vlogs that I wanted to create my own and become part of the beauty community.  I don’t claim to be an expert, and I’m still learning and developing my techniques.  I’m having fun doing it, and have a lot to offer.  So sit back and join me!  This should be fun.