MAC Sheen Supreme Lisptick

Gloss is good but there is nothing quite as wonderfully, worldly, cinematic as a lipstick- and they’re coming back! We’ve updated formulas to make it all plausible. Sheen supreme is the combination of the strong, sensually saturated color of, say, Tilda Swinton’s I Am Love Milanese lipstick, leavened with that light feel and clear vibrancy the see though sheen of a modern New York City Girl Gloss. Imagine no muddy undertones gliding in pearl or creme finish, moisturizing with no sticky/tacky feel. It’s a new medium, with MAC in the lead. this is retro/modern-and devastatingly chic.


  • Supremely Confident — a pale nude
  • Bare Again — a pinky neutral beige
  • Can’t Get Enough — a beige neutral
  • Behave Yourself — a light blue pink
  • Gotta Dash! — a pale clean coral
  • Full Speed — a bright clean yellow pink
  • Insanely It — a watermelon pink
  • Ultra Darling — a mid-tone yellow pink
  • New Temptation — a vivid blue red
  • Quite the Thing! — a deep blue plum
  • Impressive — a neutral gilded plum
  • Look at Her! — a metallic copper
  • Can’t Resist — a golden purplish red
  • Good to be Bad — a deep burgundy