Hi Everyone, this post is for my entry to Karen @ MBB ‘s contest.  I think this is a fantastic contest, not just because of the haul, but for the cause.

About six years ago my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  It came as a huge surprise because she was relatively healthy.  It was also very scary because had it not been detected early, we were not sure how well she would have done.  She had been getting her regular mammograms every year without any signs and the next year her mammogram showed a spot and that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.  Shortly after it was detected she started an aggressive treatment plan which included surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and was enrolled in a clinical trial.  During this time two of my Aunts were also diagnosed.    As you can see this hit our family hard.   Through our research, we learned that Breast Cancer strikes African-American women more aggressively and at a younger age than women of other races.   Since then we have been involved with various charities, and my mother has done speaking engagements and helped other women through this process.  I’m very proud of her and what she has accomplished.