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 I was browsing around, looking at Ecotools brushes and saw pictures of these brushes in the side bar.  The color and the shape of the blush brush is what grabbed my attention.  I did a little research, ok googling, and saw that these were by Samantha Chapman, one half of Pixiwoo.   I don’t follow them religiously, so I had no idea that they were coming out with these.   Since they are one of the best Youtube gurus, not because they are the most popular, but they do professional videos with a lot of great tips, and have exceptional skills, I couldn’t wait to buy these and try them out.   

These are made by Paris Pesents Inc, the same company that makes Ecotools, and right now they are available at and in Ulta stores.  The Real Techniques website will have them for sale in May.

The collection includes 3 full sets, and 7 individual brushes. The ferrules are color coded and made out of aluminum, right away they reminded me of Sephora’s I.T. brushes and the shape of them reminded of Armani’s brushes, just a little. 🙂

There are 3 collections, and 3 complete brush sets:

  • Your base/flawless:  
    • The ferrules are gold. 
    • The core collection brush set includes a detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, and a panoramic case.
    •  There is a powder brush and an angled foundation brush.
  • Your eyes/enhanced: 
    • Purple ferrules
    • The starter brush set includes a base eye shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, and a brow brush.
    • there is a shading brush and a brow groomer.
  • Your finish/perfected:
    • pink ferrules,
    •  blush brush
    • stipple brush
    • kabuki brush, that opens.
  • Travel set:  it includes an essential foundation brush, multi-task brush, and a domed shadow brush. It also includes the panoramic case.

The brushes are made of ultra plush taklon bristles (100% cruelty free), and hand cut, which allows for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish.  I was able to get my hands on all of the brushes except the brow groomer, and the travel collection.  The first thing I noticed was the packaging.   I love the color coordinated aluminum ferrules, and that the name of the brush is stamped on it.  It makes them look very sleek.  They are light weight,  not too long and not too short, so they fit comfortably in your hands.  Most of them have a flat bottom so they  can stand on their own.  All of the brushes are very soft and dense.   Even though I lost a few hairs in the buffing, stippling, kabuki, and shading brushes, I am impressed.   The panoramic case is nice, but don’t expect to put any more brushes in it except for the ones included, or else it will get bulky.  Also, the bands are very tight and it makes getting the brushes in and out, difficult.

I found the brush heads on the foundation and detail brush too small to work for their intended purpose.  It would take a long time to cover my whole face with one of these brushes.  Plus, I honestly prefer a stippling or buffer brush for foundation.   When I took the detail brush out of the panormic case, I noticed that it was bent.  It makes me wonder how durable these ferrules will be in the long run.  I think the foundation brush would be good for concealer and the detail brush will be good for small blemishes or as a lip brush.

I also thought the crease brush was huge, the shader brush looks like a tapered MAC 217, but not as dense, and I am not sure how the pixel-point eyeliner brush is going to work. It seems like it will be difficult to work with and will create a fat line. The smudge brush is small, but is the right size for the job.


I used the angle brow brush to groom my brows, and it did a good job of setting them in place. Much better than the SK spoolie I use.

The angled foundation brush is nice, but I do find it a bit flimsy and the brush head is small. The angle makes it perfect for getting into tiny areas on the face.



The powder brush is nice.  It is soft, but not as soft as the blush or contour brush.  That was a bit disappointing, but it is still a nice brush overall.

So far, I love the stippling and blush brush. I love the shape and softness of the blush brush. It puts the color exactly where you need it, it is not too fat, and the color applied in one stroke, without any streaks or blotches. The stippling brush is soft, and dense, not as dense as a 130, but still has a nice feel to it. The Kabuki brush is soft, but I just haven’t figured out why I need it to open yet.  Another contour brush?  I’ll just have to check out the how to videos on the site.

The contour and buffing brush are also standouts.  On the buffing brush, the packaging states that it is ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.  It is luxuriously soft and big enough to use all over the face, but small enough to get in the nooks and crannies.  It can be used with liquids and powder products. It reminded me of the
Sigma F82.  I did shed a few stray hairs.


I love the contour brush, it is like the baby blush brush as far as shape, but it is smaller, and fits into the contour of my cheeks perfectly.

To sum it all up.
There are three collections: base, eyes, and finish, with color coded ferrules, gold, purple, and pink.
The name of the brand and type of brush is stamped on them (NICE!). I found the brushes to be really soft and dense overall. There were a few standouts, the contour, buffing, and blush brush.   One was slightly scratchy, a few of the brush heads are really small and some seem too large, and I’m concerned about the durability of the aluminum ferrules in a few of the smaller brushes. However, I still think these brushes are great, especially for beginners. I think I am in love with the blush and contour brush. The shape, size and density are perfect for what I need. *swoon*

I also think I know what my first giveaway is going to be ;-)!!! 

Once I have used all of the brushes, I will provide the links for reviews of each brush and how they performed. Stay tuned!!!

So I was browsing around, and one of the members posted the promo pics of this collection from Allura Beauty. I am impressed, and this is coming from someone who previously ran from bronzer. I always thought they made my face look muddy. But I am definitely interested in the type of glow I could get from the Mineralize Skin Finishes and learning what to do with the Lustre Drops. I wonder how they would compare to NARS Illuminating Highlighter?   I can’t wait to try is the Skin Sheen Leg Spray; I imagine they will impart a sexy bronze, sheen to the legs. Hopefully this collection will live up to expectations and we won’t look as orange as an Oompa Loompa.

Bronzing Powder ($22.00 regular)


    Refined Golden: finely spun gold with soft pearl finish
    Golden: muted golden tan-beige with gold shimmer

    Bronze: muted bronze-brown with gold shimmer
    Matte Bronze: bare shouldered bronze

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($26.00 regular)









 Give Me Sun!: light summery peach tan
 Sun Power: deep terracotta bronze

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28.00 regular)

    Soft & Gentle: gilded peach bronze (permanent)
    Gold Deposit: soft reflective golden bronze (permanent)

Lustre Drops ($18.50 regular)


    Pink Rebel: blue pink with gold pearl (permanent)
    Sun Rush: peach bronze with gold pearl (permanent)

Skinsheen Leg Spray ($23.50 regular)


     Medium Dark: sheer soft bronze with golden tan pearl (permanent)
     Dark: golden bronze (permanent)

Also check out this video from Essence, beauty editor, Tia Williams.  It has another sneak peek of Sun Power Mineralize Skin Finish. ENJOY!

MAC Primed for Perfection Collection for Spring 2011

U.S./Canada Launch Date: April 7th, 2011
International Launch Date: April 2011

MAC owns the primers category. Now we’re talking Prep + Prime further than ever. Use it under, it under,over during,after makeup application, and marvel at the ease with which it can accept concealer,cooperate with color. And now, with Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye, P+P advances eyes, focuses potential. A lightweight, quick fix AND long-term solution for puffy, tired-looking creases and bag that targets the three main causes for dark under eye circles — while illumination the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity.

Pigmentation, visibly weakened capillaries and shadowing — while illuminating the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity. Vibrancy eye provides pick-me-up powder and moisturization. On step and you’re prepped for makeup magic. A wonderful new shades highlighter debuts with the collection – Prep + Prime Highlighter is lush and cushiony, yet lightweight — in wonderful hues that provides a sheer wash of color to highlight, brighten and perfect. The click “pen” allows for exact application.

Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye ($30.00 U.S. / $36.50 CDN)

    A lightweight, quick fix and long term solution for puffy, tired-looking eyes

Prep + Prime Highlighter ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

    Light Boost Soft yellow cream

    Bright Forecast Mid-tone peachy coral

    Radiant Rose Light shell pink

Source: Thanks to paparazziboi at

MAC Cosmetics Bronze Everyday Collection

U.S./Canada Launch Date: April 7th, 2011
International Launch Date: April 2011

The all-bronze, all-the-time trend is ascending. High and low, Jersey Shore to Jakarta, it’s always sunny somewhere, and “orange” is officially over! MAC Bronze Everyday is reflecting the trend to be tan in all seasons, and it’s no accident that our Bronzing innovations are making it all that much more attractive….. and easy. Great news: It’s back for good…… Skinsheen Leg Spray the long-wear gel/mousse body makeup that sheers on legs, arms, decolletage for a subtle golden glow. Water resistant three times over. Love your Lustre Drops? They’re back too, for that touch of chic luminosity, an ethereal glow wherever applied. Two new golden shades of Mineralized Skinfinishes Natural plus Mineralize Skinfinishes and Bronzing Powders complete the collection, making MAC all about one-stop Bronzing.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($26.00 U.S. / $31.00 CDN)

    Give Me Sun! Light summery peach tan (P)

    Sun Power Deep terracotta bronze (P)

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

    Soft & Gentle Gilded peach bronze (P)

   Gold Deposit Soft reflective golden bronze (P)

Lustre Drops ($ U.S. / $ CDN) (P)

    Pink Rebel Blue pink with gold pearl (P)

    Sun Rush Peach bronze with gold pearl (P)

Bronzing Powder ($22.00 U.S. / $27.00 CDN) (P)

   Refined Golden Finely spun gold with soft pearl finish (P)

   Golden Muted golden tan-beige with gold shimmer (P)

   Bronze Muted bronze-brown with gold shimmer (P)

   Matte Bronze Bare shouldered bronze (P)

Skinsheen Leg Spray ($23.50 U.S. / $27.50 CDN) (P)

   Medium Dark Sheer soft bronze with golden tan pearl (P)

   Dark Golden bronze (P)

Source: Thanks to paparazziboy at for the details!

MAC Quite Cute Collection for Spring 2011

U.S./Canada Launch Date: April 7th, 2011
International Launch Date: April 2011

“CUTE!” The most fanciful, fun and flattering compliment and young, modern trendsetter could ever want! Our version is the girliest kind of international glam possible, a style ride that combines postage-stamp-sized puppies with pixie swizzle-stick fashion and buttergly kisses for cute boys and even cuter shoes! Cupcake icing colors, vintage romance, an ATM card with Hello Kitty on it – and a way of life that says “yes!” to everything adorable! Come on, get happy, with the multi-culti cutie, from Tokyo to Toronto to Paris with love! Pastel shades for Eye Quads, Lipstick, Plushglass, and Nail Lacquer…And due to popular demand, we’re completely cute-ifying three favourite Lip Pencil shades from last season that will join the fun and frolic. Flash! You’ll ♥ the Mineralize Blush with the sweet heart baked right into it. If it shines, shimmers and pops it’s completely, contagiously, cute!

Lipstick $14.50 USD / $17.50 CDN
Playing Koi – Creamy white peach pink (Satin) (LE)
Saint Germain – Pastel pink (Amplified) (Perm)
Candy Yum-Yum – Neon pink (Matte) (LE)
Quite Cute – Bright whitened lavender (Cremesheen) (LE)
Play Time – Intense violet (Cremesheen) (LE)

Plushglass $18.50 USD / $22.00 CDN
Fashion Fanatic – Creamy pale pink (LE)
Bubble Tea – Creamy pale nude (LE)
Girl ♥ Boy – Bright light blue pink (LE)
I ♥ U – Creamy mid-tone purple (LE)

Lip Pencil $13.00 USD / $15.50 CDN
In Synch – Bright yellow pink (Repromote)
Naked Liner – Light neutral (Repromote)
Boldly Bare – Mid-tone red brown (Repromote)

Eye shadow x 4 $36.00 USD / $43.00 CDN
Moshi! Moshi! – Pale white green gold (Frost) (LE)
Goody Goody Gum Drop – Light white pink (Satin) (LE)
Boycrazy – Pale lavender with silver pearlized pigments (Lustre) (LE)
Azuki Bean – Mid-tone violet (Frost) (LE)

Mineralize Blush US.$23.00 / CDN $27.50
Giggly – Light pink with a pearly plum heart (Frost) (LE)
Sakura – Lavender with pearly deep magenta heart (Frost) (LE)
Miss Behave – Light beige with a pearly mint green heart (Frost) (LE)

Nail Lacquer US $14.00/ CDN $17.00
Ice Cream Cake – Creamy blue pink (Cream) (LE)
Little Girl Type – Creamy pale lavender (Cream) (LE)
Mischievous – Creamy pale blue mint (Cream) (LE)

Penultimate Eye Liner $17.50 USD / $21.00 CDN
Rapidblack – True Black (Permanent)

Zoom Lash $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Zoomblack – Rich black (Permanent)

Loud Lash [Asia Only] $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Noisy Black – Black (Permanent)

False Lashes $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
7 Lash – Spiky, slightly separated, high glam lash

source: Thanks to paparazziboy @ for collection details!

Sephora by OPI Glee Collection

Sephora announced that they would be producing a limited edition nail polish collection inspired by the TV show Glee.

According to WWD, the Sephora by OPI Glee collection will include seven shades available for individual sale: Slushied, an opaque blue; Hell to the No, a bold purple; Gleek Out, a glittery lime green; Diva-in-Training, a poppy pink; Who Let the Dorks Out, a peacock green; Miss Bossy Pants, a rich raspberry, and Mash-Up, a pearlescent green gray. Each polish will cost $9.50.

A mini set of six polishes (pictured above) will sell for $22 and include Miss Bossy Pants, Gleek Out and Slushied, along with three additional exclusive colors: Celibacy Club, a glimmering, diamond top coat; Express Yourself to Yourself, a shimmery coral shade, and Sue Vs Shue, a navy blue.

In addition to nail polish, Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliqués — precut strips of dry nail polish — will be available in three different “Glee”-inspired designs: Showstopper, gold stars; Berry Special, polka dots; and One Hit Wonder, music notes. Appliqués last two days on nails and retail for $15.
The collection will be available in stores and online in February and will even be featured on the Feb. 8 episode of Glee.

I’m not that much of a nail polish fan, or a gleek, but I think this is a fun collection for those who are.  ENJOY!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!

Today I got a call from my favorite Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, Jamie, and she was excited to tell me about their new lipstick formulas that will be launching this month.  So, I had to come and tell you guys about it.   There will be 12 new shades that featuers a  new gel based formula.  They will retail for $22.  Hopefully I’ll have some swatches for you next weekend.

Bright, get-noticed color. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi’s latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it’s creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look.

The new shades are:
 Bikini Pink
 Soft Coral
 Bare Pink
 Heather Pink
 Mod Pink
 Plum Rose
 Rose Blossom
 Guava
 Sweet Nectar
 Cosmic Raspberry
 Old Hollywood
 Crimson


She is giving away Lorac’s Box Office Hit Palette! Click here and to find out about it!

Do you have retired eyeshadow that promised you one thing, but just didn’t deliver?  How about a shade that you thought you loved, but it lost that thrill.  Well, it looks like Lorac has the answer for you. Yesterday on Facebook, Lorac fave us a sneak preview of one of their newest 3D products.

LORAC is in 3D this Spring with an amazing new product…3D LIQUID LUSTRE! This innovative, shimmering top coat can be worn alone or over eye shadow to instantly amp up your look! Premiering First of February! 

What a great way to transform your eyeshadow. I can’t wait to try it, and you know I will definitely be posting a review!   It will retail for $16 and will be available at: Lorac  next week! You can also find it at Sephora, Ulta, and